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Joseph Ulrich

"Zeitgeist on Paper" is more to me than just a "political" theme. When you define the term zeitgeist, it can vary from the spirit of an era or the sign of the times. I want to embrace the catalyst that makes us, as a society, move towards action, invention, enlightenment, and evolution. Sometimes that spark can be as large as an epic movement or as small as a two second sound byte. Whatever form it comes in, every generation is somehow affected by it.

I am an amateur freelance artist seeking an opportunity to make a name and a living for myself. Since becoming a product of the current economy, I have begun to use my talent or "hobby" to make ends meet.

I was born the year the "King" ate his last fried banana and peanut butter sandwich. I was raised in Amster-dam-it-all-to-hell, NY. The subject matter I choose reflects my opinion of humankind's struggle with power and conviction, error and complacency, hypocrisy and faith, anarchy and conformity, patriotism and fundamentalism. I enjoy calling attention to corruption. My works are socially conscious, fueled by frustration toward cultures that attempt to bamboozle and hoodwink each other.

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