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Save the Rocky Mountain Oyster

For well over a century the lovable Rocky Mountain Oyster has been unmercifully harvested from its natural habitat for consumption by humans. The number of Rocky Mountain Oysters that have been consumed run conservatively in the millions to several bazillion we believe. It is a shame that this creature once revered by the Native Americans have been so brutally decimated. The process in which the Rocky Mountain Oysters are harvested is grotesque. Typically they are brutally cut from their natural habitat where they nestle in pairs. They are then trucked in massive quantities to processing plants to be prepped and shipped to restaurants, bars, and homes where they will be eaten.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster is larger in size then the average ocean going Oysters you may be familiar with. This lovable creature needs your help. Please show your support to our cause by purchasing and proudly wearing our Krank2O "Save the Rocky Mountain Oyster T-shirt". We know that you have many choices in what deep rooted philosophical causes to support and would greatly appreciate you joining us in liberating the Rocky Mountain Oyster before it is too late.